Sunday, April 6, 2014

NaPoWriMo Day Six: Winter's Goodbye

I have enjoyed the chill
of this year's winter

the cold, white light
the unexpected Alabama snow

I think I am alone in
wishing it here a little longer

the oaks in my yard are beginning the transformation
from brown to dark green

the azaleas confetti bright pink and white
the camellias explode in red

the branches of the Japanese magnolia
stretch out their blooms

I feel overwhelmed leaving winter's stillness
and entering spring's frenetic pollen

the light breezes stirring allergens
heralding the months of 90 to 100 degree summer

so I sit and stare at the grey skies of
winter's goodbye

contemplating the trees contentment
as the seasons come and go

envying them that.

written 4/6/14 for

Today's NaPoWriMo challenge was to look outside the window and write down what you saw and use those words as a word bank. I am sitting almost on the floor next to a high window, so what I saw was mostly sky and oak trees as we move towards warmer weather here in Alabama. I tend to wilt in hot weather, so I have really enjoyed this winter, and haven't braced myself for the HOT that is Tuscaloosa in the summer. are my observations:

trees branches leaves grey sky stillness light breeze brown dark green white

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  1. smiles...i am envious of the trees...and their seemlessness through the seasons....i am glad winter is done honestly i am ready for the sunkiss...and the rain of the cherry blossoms...

    1. Hi Brian! I think your comment is a poem in itself! :)

  2. Seasonal transitions are pretty rough on most of us. I struggle with spring the most. Hope your summer is milder for you!

  3. Yes, we now enjoy the spring and all its colors! Nice poem!

  4. Loved the envy of the trees. Great writing here. Really enjoyed the imagery.

    1. Thanks Mosk! Oak trees always seem like they would have serene personalities to me.

  5. Wonderful observations of the world outside your window...I tolerate winter, but, oh, would I love to live year round in the deal on the word bank.

    1. Thank you Eusebeia! I used to love the summer and have no trouble tolerating having the skin burned off of me, but not so much anymore.

  6. It was excellent all. The last three lines were an unexpected and brilliant surprise.

    I'm beginning to have my doubts that summer will ever arrive this year. Tired of the winter.

    1. Hi Bone! Thank you. It is supposed to be 77 and stormy in Tuscaloosa today...summer is coming.


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