Thursday, April 18, 2013

NaPoWriMo Day Eighteen: The Fight

The Fight

torn like a rag doll
done with your indifference
yell and leave you torn

written 4/18/13 for 

Today's prompt is to begin and end a poem with the same word, and yesterday was National Haiku Poetry Day and I'm tired and grumpy this morning so voila, The Fight. I think that I wrote a senryu, but I'm going to appreciate the inspiration. Have a good day y'all!


  1. Applause!! And this fits all the EMT's, people with courage and big hearts who run to the inferno to help...very nice poem by you and your friends;0

    1. Thank you kkkkaty! I was a social worker and have had the opportunity to work with all kinds of different helping professionals and volunteers. They tend to be some of my favorite people. I also have awesome friends.

      Blogger seems to be a little glitchy and posted your comment under a different poem, so this conversation looks a little funny :).


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