Tuesday, April 2, 2013

NaPoWriMo Day Two: Five Tiny Lies

Five Tiny Lies

I tell
myself I am
a good mother but that
is a lie. My sweeties deserve

I do
not think that my
marriage is draining the
very soul out of me leaving
a husk.

If I
weren't such a bum
lazy and useless then
I could have been great, created

I have
not wasted my
opportunities that
would have lifted a better one
than me.

I have
not let myself
fall apart and succumbed
to the lies my depression spews
at me.

written 4/2/13 for 
Today's prompt at the NaPoWriMo website was to write a lie.  This is the first draft of what I wrote (like almost everything else on here.) I don't know how I feel about it. I don't think I like it very much.       I am hoping that now that it is out I can write something funny.


  1. whew...ok, glad these were lies...was thinking you were being a little harsh on yourself...smiles.

    i see you are getting as great a response from people doing nano as i as well...ha...

    1. Hey Brian! Yeah, even I "what the hell?" 'd myself on this one. I think it needs some cleaning up, and I was thinking that I might use June to rework some of my stuff and repost the second drafts to see if I like them better with some work. This one will be one of the firsts. Thanks for stopping by! [oh, and I saw you on the NaPo page today! I had 48 participants showing per page and we were both on page five. It was exciting to see someone I knew (should knew be in quotes, maybe someone I have read?)]


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