Tuesday, April 14, 2015

NaPoWriMo Day Eleven: How I Feel About Meter

Catching up on NaPoWriMo I am here
Writing for day eleven on the fourteenth
The challenge for the day is to write sapphics
How I hate meter!

I just don't get this shit, I don't even get
The language ...dactyls, trochees, iambs ... I
Am wondering what the hell does this  shit mean?
Why can't I hear it?

Meter, you flaming bitch, you fuck me over!
With your stress this, not that, when I have plenty
Of fucking stress in my life as it is. I
just want to write pretty.

written 4/14/15 for


The challenge for day eleven was to write a Sapphic, which has pretty involved meter requirements. We've had this conversation before. I just ignore meter and try to go by the syllable count. (Which I also threw out the window with that last line.)


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