Tuesday, April 21, 2015

NaPoWriMo Day Twenty-One: Darling Buds

Influenced by the catchy simple sound of the early  as well as that of                                    band created melodic, hook-driven, short-duration singles. They were considered part of the short lived "Blonde" movement (indie rock band fronted by blonde female singer with all other members being dark-haired males) along with the likes of The Primitives and Transvision Vamp, but also referenced the C86 scene of a few years earlier
The Darling Buds formed in Caerleon near Newport, South Wales, in 1986, by the then 19-year-old Andrea Lewis. Their debut single, "If I Said", was released on February 1987 and was well received. The group re-released the single on an established label, Native Records, receiving radio play on John Peel's BBC Radio 1 show Signing with Sony in 1988, several singles preceded their critically acclaimed 1989 debut LP, Pop Said.... The album, described as "relentlessly chirpy",[ultimately reached the Top 30 in the UK Albums Chart, and the band appeared on Top of the Pops as well as the cover of Melody Maker twice (24 September 1988 and 18 February 1989). In 1990, the original drummer, Bloss, left the band and was replaced by Jimmy Hughes from Black. Their second album, Crawdaddy, was not as well received, even if, according to critic Doug Brod, it "reveal[ed] a more mature Buds, a group that has learned the value of a little variety.
Pressing forward with their new style, the group followed with their third and final album in 1992, entitled Erotica, a few weeks before Madonna's album of the same name. The album contained the US single, "Long Day in the Universe", which was featured on the soundtrack for the Mike Myers film, So I Married an Axe Murderer. This line up featured second guitarist Matt Gray (ex-Soldier Dolls Although they toured the United States in support of the album for a year, the members of the Darling Buds grew increasingly frustrated by their lack of commercial success and disbanded. Speaking to the Q Magazine in 2012, Lewis explained the reasons behind their decision: "Sony's London office wanted to pass the financial buck after we'd moved to LA and the bureaucracy meant we couldn't tour or recordWe got stuck in limbo for ages and eventually called it a day

Original article from Wikipedia about The Darling Buds. I took my poem from the "Career" section.

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Today we are doing erasure poetry! I couldn't think of anything to use, so I went to Wikipedia and clicked on Random Post. What I ended up with doesn't make any sense to me, but I really like it.



  1. Just chip away at everything that isn't an elephant. I like it.


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