Saturday, April 25, 2015

NaPoWriMo Day Twenty-three: For The Greater Good

Inspirational leaders command loyalty
Trust your own wisdom and judgment
Influence others to aspire to greater goals
Lead with wisdom for the greater good.

How am I here?
Why did I ever volunteer for this?
I never wanted to lead anyone anywhere.
Inspirational leaders command loyalty

And they are loyal.
I just don't want the responsibility
I don't want to be the reason they die
Trust your own wisdom and judgment

That's easy for you to say
To sit and preach at me
It's not you leading them to their deaths
Influence others to aspire to greater goals.

How do I do it?
Give me something that I can use
Tell me something helpful
Lead with wisdom for the greater good.

*Cuts the head off of the annoying sage.*

written 4/25/15 for day 22 of


This one actually took longer than it should have just because I wanted to follow the prompt, but I didn't have any cards. I finally GoodSearched "Pick a card" and was lead to the Diana Cooper's website. I then chose a wisdom card, and then wrote a cascade from that


  1. "great men don't seek power. Great men have power thrust upon them "

    I like where you went with this. The old sage being beheaded was a hard-pivot, and unexpected end, but I liked it. Well, I don't like beheadings, but you get the idea. Well crafted.

    1. I didn't mean to cut his head off, but, by the end, he had annoyed the shit out of me. It seemed the most logical thing to do.

      And thanks!


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