Monday, April 6, 2015

NaPoWriMo Day Six: Monday Morning Aubade

Before the dawn
of each new Monday morning
I wake up
I get online
find the country oldies station
ready to listen

... Let's take a
look at Alabama auction daily
summary of cattle
sales and auctions
held around Alabama
for Monday March
30, receipts around the state
at three thousand ...

Tommy Davis
and his deep, gravelly voice
his soft accent
get me ready
for this beautiful morning as
the sun wakes

And with it
my mood lifts up to
greet it-then
go check on
my two sweet, sleeping angels
one hour left

Then it is
up and get ready my hearts
go to school
learn up lots
it's a schoolday, and mama's
got seven hours.

written 4/6/2015 for


We're writing aubades today. The twist to the challenge was to make it a morning love song to Monday morning. This wasn't too hard of a challenge for me, because, by Monday, I'm exhausted from the weekend. Also, Monday means that I get to hear the Livestock report (if I manage to get up early enough.) I smooshed together some Collom Lunes to give me an rough form.



  1. This drips with the brightness and freshness of a dewy April morning. Love the line "up and get ready my hearts."

  2. Love this - you have imbued so many ordinary things with quiet magic. Well done. Also, what are the call letters of your classic country station. I have searched high and low online to find a good classic country station now that my station here in SoCal went all "California Country!" Give me some Waylon, Willie and the boys...

    1. Thanks Mosk!

      The station I listen to is located south of Huntsville.(It's about 125 miles north of Tuscaloosa.) It's WQAH Big Country.

  3. Well done. What an Aubade ought to be. Not so much for the country music myself, but still....


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