Monday, April 27, 2015

The Answer to Your Question

It's not that my breasts like to be touched.
It's that it's you touching them that sends the electric thrill
through me. 
As you commented, while your mouth 
was wrapped around my nipple,
My breasts are HUGE
and with that ...
not terribly sensitive
(and sometimes a little sore)
But I like you
and I like 
the sound of me in your voice, 
the smell of your neck,
the touch of your skin as it heats up mine
the visual confirmation of your body's
deep appreciation of my body.
So, yeah, baby, 
I like it when you do that.
written 4/27/15
I had an extra one in me and I have to write 2000 words, y'all.


  1. Hoo-wee! Ain't we men stupid that it takes us a long time to figure out that it's not what we're doing that makes it love, it's that *we're* doing it. Men are so dense, and I'm the king of the Dense.

    "The sound of me in your voice" - inspired. - Thanks, Mosk

    1. Thanks Mosk! I find the direct approach works well with men. ;-)


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