Sunday, April 26, 2015

NaPoWriMo Day Twenty-five: I Should Have Picked Another Subject

A clerihew for a woman named Ann
Some say she's pretty, I think she looks like flan.
She hurts people for profit, this media whore,
I hate her so much I won't write any more.

written 4/26/15 for day 25 for

Man! I kept wanting to make this a limerick! I really dislike the subject, so that may be why. I also broke some of my rules with this one. I don't like attacking women because of their looks, and I insulted whores with the comparison and I like whores. 


  1. I'm no fan of Ann either. Your clerihew did make me laugh, though!

    1. I couldn't even write her whole name! I kind of hate that she's even on my blog now. But ... I guess someone really needed to point out that she does, indeed, look like flan.


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