Tuesday, April 7, 2015

NaPoWriMo Day Seven: When I Win the Lottery

Daydreaming of riches
Opportunities to help the poor
And buy me stuff.

written 4/7/15 for


( on kindle, pretty up tomorrow) How have I gotten behind? It must be all that knitting that all I of a sudden want to do now that I have reserved the month for reading and writing. Tomorrow I will write loads  And visit at least three days worth of poetry blogs. And make this post a little neater.


Also, the station I listen to online is 105.7 WQAH Big Country in Alabama.  I highly recommend JT in the morning. He plays the Alabama cattle report with Tommy Davis and has charming conversations with meteorologist, Jerral Miller.


  1. At least you got the order right. :) Loved.

    1. Also, thanks for the tip on WQAH! Love it. Haven't heard Conway Twitty in a while!

    2. Thanks, Mosk! I'm also glad that you liked the link. They seems to play a nice selection.


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