Tuesday, April 14, 2015

NaPoWriMo Day Thirteen: As My Crush Cools Down

He's a voice in your ear
A hand helping you up
The stretch of cotton across muscles
The unexpected funny comment
Skin calls to mine
But never to yield
A light in my week
Transporting me to my adolescence
The spark in my carburetor
He is kindness and joy
And the funnest of all diversions
Forever my secret
Known only to me ...

(Maybe he knows.)

written 4/14/15 for


For day thirteen the prompt was to write a riddle poem? I was kind of lost. I think I blew my brain out on the Sapphic and beat my emotions unconscious with the poem for day twelve. I went back to a fairly easy subject that I have written about for the past month. Crushes are pretty good for the writing. I tried to use the Sylvia Plath poem as a guide, but I think it's rather obvious I was clueless.


  1. I figured the challenge may have been to write a poem using the words "carburetor" and "funnest" ;-)

    I really like this.

    1. By this point in the challenge, I am totally okay with using car parts and making up words.

  2. "the stretch of cotton across muscles"

    Very provocative imagery.... i like.


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