Tuesday, April 14, 2015

NaPoWriMo Day Fourteen: Conversations With A Man I've Never Actually Met

tommy can you ...
no, don't channel The Who
tommy, hear me

                                                                        Let's take a
                                                                        Look at the Alabama auction
                                                                        Daily summary of ...

early morning dark
waiting for your manly voice
you don't know

                                                                        Compared to a
                                                                        Week ago two thousand five
                                                                        Eighty and a ...
weekday mornings you
fill me full of information
i'll never use

                                                                      Breakers yielding seventy-five
                                                                      To eighty percent lean meat
                                                                      At 109 to ...

for five minutes
my world belongs to you
talk to me

                                                                   For the Alabama
                                                                   Department of Agriculture UDSA News
                                                                   Service this is...

written 4/14/15 for


Okay. My computer was not cooperating, so that took much longer to write than it should have. I also don't want to write more thing tonight. And I have writing group in an hour. Wish me luck!


  1. This is how my head sounds. Good luck with your writing group. Mosk

    1. Thanks Mosk! It was a pretty good night. And I ended up writing another poem and two flash fiction stories.

  2. This is completely hilarious on several levels.

    Well done.


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